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BaZiMaster — Ba Zi calculator program.

Download BaZiMaster.

For Windows.
Language: English.

The program calculates the 4 Pillars of Destiny and luck cycles.
Answers the question: «Is your Self Element Weak or Strong?»
You need to strengthen or weaken it.
Helps you to find out your favourable elements.

About the program.
Types of Ba Zi charts:
— Strong,
— Weak,
— Balanced,
— Follow the Leader,
— Super strong.
The Self Element is weakened or strengthened depending on the Ba Zi chart – harmonized.
Resource and companion – strengthening Ba Zi chart. Wealth, Output, Power — weakening.
The energy of favourable elements allows you to improve your well-being, increase calm energy, attract attention, improve relationships and career, and harmoniously show your character traits.

Release Date: July 6, 2021.